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Why are we the best?

We are a multidisciplinary law firm strongly placed as one of the most efficient and prestigious in the legal Mexican and international market.

Our lawyers are recognized professionals because of their high sophistication, specialization, and quality level in several areas of the Law, especially in uncommon litigation.

Technological innovation systems

Cervantes Abogados characterizes by the contact and personal attention of partners with clients, as well as, by the commitment, effort, and meticulousness with which all team members work, personally getting involved in all cases, with a beginning to end follow up.

Areas of Practice

The essential genetic mark is the efficient and effective manner of merging the corporate practice with the judicial and arbitration litigation in a masterful manner, with optimum tangible and concrete results. Our Law Firm characterizes for being a leader in the implementation of complex strategic litigation which has set an example in national and international justice.

Regulatory and Anticorruption Compliance. Identification of risks derived from regulatory default, “white collar” felonies

Regulatory and Anticorruption Compliance. Identification of risks derived from regulatory default, “white collar” felonies; risks identification regarding financial, stock market and corporations’ cases, including applicability of the Extinction of Dominium Federal Law

Bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy law; several strategies to face insolvency

Aeronautic law

Aeronautic law; emphasizing in regulatory and operational aspects of commercial aviation

Corporate law

Corporate law; emphasizing in mergers, acquisitions and reorganizing

Sociocultural initiatives

Cervantes Abogados has implemented social inclusion politics which allow that, not only women lawyers, but also persons with different capacities, persons members of the LGBTQ+ community, and all others which are a part of the minority groups, work in this Law Firm. Cervantes Abogados is interested in retaining talent without any discrimination whatsoever by any reason which is not pertaining to professional performance.

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Pro-bono Work

The partners of Cervantes Abogados actively participate in pro-bono cases.
During 2020 one of the partners of Cervantes Abogados was part of the successful defense of children suffering from cancer, in litigation against the Mexican government which, unjustified and unjustly has deprived them from the necessary resources for the correct treatment of their disease; besides, another partner of the Law Firm defended an immigrant which was illegally dispossessed from his apartment, obtaining the most favorable possible result.