Juan Carlos Cajigas Lozano





Constitutional Relief Suits (“Amparo”)
Commercial, civil, family, and administrative Litigation


Juan Carlos has more than 22 years’ experience. In family law, he has represented a broad range of clients regarding several cases from divorces, visitation regime, alimony, loss of custody, guard and custody, visitation regime and cohabitation, interdiction, to more complex cases such as international restitution of minors.

Regarding civil and commercial cases, he advises his clients, national and international, in cases regarding shareholders conflicts, minorities rights, corporate governance, credit and financial transactions, and contractual cases in general, with a broad experience in conflicts related to properties, real estate lease, non-pecuniary damages, testamentary procedures and constitutional relief suits (“amparo”).

Juan Carlos, along his career, has assumed the representation of pro-bono cases, therefore, he also has an active participation in this group of lawyers working for community service.

Professional Experience
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