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LUIS A. CERVANTES is the founding partner of Cervantes Abogados, has a successful trajectory in the most important litigations and legal disputes in Mexico in the last decades, with a broad activity in corporate, stock market, commercial and bankruptcy litigation, including litigation practices in economic competition and comparative publicity.

Has had an impeccable practice for more than 40 years in corporate and financial, aeronautics, and maritime law, as well as in foreign investment. He also develops his professional activity emphasizing in bankruptcy law, complex shareholders conflicts, exercising minorities rights in public and private corporations, and in practical aspects of corporative governance. He also contributes with great experience in the design and structure of complex financial transactions. His practice is developed including family law litigations, as well as marriage and will and testament planning; real estate conflicts and litigation derived from contractual cases.

During the last years he has successfully managed the defense of national and global corporate groups in the most relevant and renowned non-pecuniary damages cases, as well as in litigation related to gender discrimination and minorities, which have been growing in a real fast rhythm in Mexico.

He and his team have also had a categorical success in litigation regarding proprietary responsibility claim related to irregular acts performed by the State.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of several public and private corporations, national and foreign, including Grupo Dixon, S.A. de C.V.; Frontera Copper Corporation, and Grupo Financiero Mifel, S.A. de C.V.

He has been a teacher for more than four decades in the following subjects: Corporations, Corporate Law, Securities and Credit Transactions and Foreign Investment, in Universidad Anáhuac as well as in Universidad Iberoamericana.

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