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Cervantes Abogados

About us

We are the coincidence and reunion of a group of lawyer Friends, experts on several areas of the Law, which form a solidly law firm, placed as one of the most efficient and prestigious in national and international forums. Our professional personnel stand out for its great level of sophistication, profoundness, and quality on the exercise of the law, especially in uncommon litigation, alternative means for dispute resolution, as well as in high specialization corporate, bankruptcy, financial and stock market cases, and in the detection, prevention, and investigation of business risks, especially regarding corruption and criminal cases of transactions related to resources of illegal origin.


The essential genetic mark of the Law Firm is the efficient and effective manner to merge the corporate/financial/stock market practice with corporate or commercial litigation, judicial, and arbitral, obtaining optimum, tangible, and concrete results.
This genetic mark exists also in family law, in which the Law Firm outstands on its success in the most relevant family disputes in the country.
Out Law Firm is the leader in the implementation of complex strategic litigation which constantly determine the referents in Mexican justice.


CA is the tool to advise and represent clients which demand fast and efficient solutions to resolve present conflicts, as well as to identify and anticipate the possibility of future disputes and defaults, derived from there timely mitigation. All these occurs, through the innovative strategic design which, with the personal attention of Partners and Lawyers, exceeding all expectations.
The client and the effective solution of his problem is the reason of existence of our Law Firm.


CA is dedicated to identifying, understand, analyze, and satisfy the needs of every client, in a global environment which demands efficiency and effectiveness in time and form. The above requires the design of affordable but sophisticated strategies, besides the detection of possible eventualities and risks for their real mitigation.
CA continues its evolution to maintain the leadership as a reference in Mexican and international courts, before administrative and judicial authorities, as well as in arbitration forums.


In CA we start from professional and integrity values inherent and implicit to the ways in which we devote ourselves to serve our clients:
A. Trust. The relationship client-lawyer demands from him/her an open, honest, and diligent conduct.
B. Compromise: We guide and align the professional interests and conducts to satisfy the needs of our clients fully and adequately.
C. Excellency. The client is the origin and destiny of all our professional activity.
Our values are the foundation of our mission as a Law Firm.

Areas of Practice

The essential genetic mark is the efficient and effective manner of merging the corporate practice with the judicial and arbitration litigation in a masterful manner, with optimum tangible and concrete results. Our Law Firm characterizes for being a leader in the implementation of complex strategic litigation which has set an example in national and international justice.

Regulatory and Anticorruption Compliance. Identification of risks derived from regulatory default, “white collar” felonies

Regulatory and Anticorruption Compliance. Identification of risks derived from regulatory default, “white collar” felonies; risks identification regarding financial, stock market and corporations’ cases, including applicability of the Extinction of Dominium Federal Law

Bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy law; several strategies to face insolvency

Aeronautic law

Aeronautic law; emphasizing in regulatory and operational aspects of commercial aviation

Corporate law

Corporate law; emphasizing in mergers, acquisitions and reorganizing